Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bonita VS San Dimas Rivalry Game Thursday!

This Thursday night at Citrus college, in what is one of Southern California's largest high school football games, the cities of San Dimas & La Verne will go head to head in this historic football rivalry game known as THE SMUDGE POT.

The leader of the series is San Dimas with 22 wins, Bonita has won 16, with both tying once. This is going to be one HUGE game you can't miss. Gates open at 5:45pm, and get there early to get good seats!

Bonita fans should use the north gate and parking lot S8.
San Dimas should use the south gate and parking lot S6

Tickets: Adults $10, Child $6.
Bonita and San Dimas students with ASB free, other ASB $6.

My Sophomore son will be on the field as well... Go Bearcats!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Funky Indian Hill & Arrow

Found this in one of my folders today... taken in Spring going southbound when the famous jacarandas of Indian Hill purple up from the Pomona border up to Downtown Claremont. Of course, I tweaked it a little, because if it really looked this funky in color we would have some serious eye and/or mental issues. Regardless, here ya go.
(Click for larger view)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Beat The Heat With A Wheat... Ale.

About 4 days of 100 degree temps or more including this weekend, and currently around 98 right now, this is the way to beat the heat for me in the evenings. Well, that and cranking up the A/C indoors keeping So Cal Edison happy.

Enough with this weather, get back under the mid-90s please!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rebel Without A Cause @Fox Pomona!

Sunday, August 28

Friends of the Pomona Fox

presents a Vintage Car Show and Screening of:

Rebel Without A Cause

Car Show starts at 1:00 pm
Directly across the street from the theater

Doors open at 2:00 pm, Film Screens at 3:00 pm

Refreshments at our snack bar. Alcoholic beverages and light appetizers available at The Drink bar, accessible from the theater lobby. Food and drinks may be brought into the theater.
(Yes, you can bring your own adult drinks too... shhh)

Pay at the door or online (click on source on bottom)

Adults $8.00
Children 12 and under $3.00


Who's Rick Perry?

Who the fuck is Perry? Want to know more... here are some articles on this corporate/right wing evil unAmerican garbage:

Rick Perry: No Country For Women.

Rick Perry: Worst of the Tea Party & George W. Bush.

Rick Perry: Intelligent Design lie.

Perry's book, FED UP, should be changed to FUCKED UP..

Perry's appointee blocks DNA evidence showing convicted man wrongly held.

Perry: King of the know-nothings.

Rick Perry says EVEN MORE corporate TAX GIVEAWAYS than ever!.

Rick Perry: Social Security is unconstitutional. Really? Why? Sorry, I have a big mouthful".

A Rick Perry win could sweep NeoCons back into power.

Perry Doesn’t ‘Buy Into The Premise’ That Rescuing America’s Auto Companies Saved Jobs.

...and those were just a few articles I stumbled upon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Funnies

(Click Images to Enlarge)

And here's one for all the back to schoolers:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fist Of Gold Boxing This Friday!

I've been watching lots of MMA fights and boxing matches on TV with my son this summer. And now I can take him a couple of miles away for some cool local boxing this Friday. Plus, there will be a beer garden for me! Click the picture for more info:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pomona, The Place For An 'Ideal Home'

in 1904 that is... with a population of only 7,000 people! And NO Saloons... LOL