Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Garden Painting

Well folks, I've completed a secret little art project I started earlier this month. It is an outdoor garden painting, that I like to call: Pomona Orange.

The image is from an old orange crate label created for North Pomona's Seth Richard Groves, in particular the one used for the Foothill brand. This lady is also used by the Piedmont Brand, but in that particular label she is more detailed in the painting (thus harder and more time consuming).

I have no clue who she is, but I see it as the Goddess of Fruit holding oranges with the view of the valley and foothills.

a close up of POMONA ORANGE:

and here it is at a distance:

I am constantly asked if I'm available for hire and the answer is yes. I am trying to put together a simple affordable price including all materials, but it is not yet finalized. I prefer to do stuff that is historic to the location of the home, this making it more valuable and ties it down to its roots literally. I'm not ready for any giant murals yet, but small little garden corners, in shade preferable, are the perfect little corners for me.

I used very basic acrylics, nothing fancy. It was a little difficult to paint over stucco with little brushes, as if I was painting over little glued pebbles. The round border is actual small stone tiles from the hardware store. Just to give it a more formal, yet informal look. And it sits right under an orange tree!

Anyways, until then, I think I have one more garden art project to do and will post it up when finished.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Richard McKee

La Verne's Professor Richard McKee passed away this weekend. He was one of the very few citizens who actually got off their asses and did something. The Claremont Insider has a great article for those who have no idea who he was:

"McKee fought every day to ensure California lived up to a simple and obvious idea. He believed the public has a right to know what the government it elected was doing....

It was a simple idea, and yet McKee spent more than a decade fighting nearly identical battles in city after city, county after county, as craven government officials decided it was easier to conceal than to reveal. The salary scandal in the City of Bell - the one that won the Los Angeles Times a Pulitzer - shows what happens when people like McKee are not around. He not only fought his battles, but he fought countless battles on behalf of people who did not know they had rights."

My favorite part of the article is this one:

"It's become fashionable to complain about too much or too little government on all levels, but 99% of the complaints come from people sitting on sofas in the comforts of their living rooms while the 1% represented by the likes of McKee actually do the heavy lifting. Let's get off our collective, lazy duffs and lend a hand."

There is also another article written by Gary Scott.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why I Dislike Electronic Voting

A computer programmer is asked under oath about rigging elections. Remember both Bush Jr elections and their controversy (Diebold)?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st In & Out Burger GONE!

(Original In & Out on Francisquito & Garvey)

The original and first In & Out Burger of Baldwin Park, CA is no more. Thanks in part to the expansion of the 10 freeway. Several years earlier, the In & Out University was also torn down on the opposite side of the freeway, in order to bring a newer In & Out with indoor dining, as well as a company store.

You would think the city would preserve this, but I don't know if they had a choice with the freeway (looks like it could've stayed). Here are some photos of the site:

(Photos by A. Belt)

UPDATE: Click Here for latest SGV Tribune Article.

I knew it, I remember in 2004 when the city council was told it would be preserved as a museum. One of the last family founders passed away in 2006, and now they sneak the destruction of this monument under the city's nose. These new people running with greed are quickly destroying the chain. They are expanding all over Utah and Texas now, with 11 stores planned to be built within the year. No more of the 'I can't wait to go to California, I WANT AN IN-N-OUT BURGER!'.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Senior Funnies

Here ya go Claremont...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Corporatocracy Now

I am completely aware of this happening, and hope others who are not can see. I'm in the political mood this morning, having some delicious YumYum coffee!

Great job by Bernie Sanders once again, one of the very few Senators with balls. Wake up people, stop the us and them stuff with Republicans and Democrats, Bad guy and Good guys, this is a war on all of us by corporations and the richest 1%. And stop supporting their agenda because you think one day you'd be like them, trust me, they don't want you.

"One of the real senators, talking about the corporatocracy. Major corporations not only do not pay taxes but get huge tax refunds as they outsource jobs and pollution... Also remarks on the lies about Social security." - T. Stubbs

And despite the outcry of them needing tax breaks to 'create' jobs, we all know it's bullshit and they're stockpiling as much money as they can. It's such a shame our country allows this. Oh, yeah, but it's the free market!

Check out some of the latest headlines brought to you by our beloved GOP overlords:

The War On Child Labor Laws: Maine Republicans Want Longer Hours, Lower Pay For Kids (Don't say “cheap, plentiful source of labor” like it’s a bad thing).

Pell Grants Are Becoming 'The Welfare Of The 21st Century' (I assume ONLY the children of the wealthy should get a college education).

GOP Senator says ship the mentally ill to Siberia to freeze and die (Besides, we're overly populated anyways).

GOP Lawmakers Reject Measures Reaffirming Global Warming Science (Just 'cause scientists believe it and evidence supports it).

House Republicans propose deep cuts to Medicare (GOP's budget proposal gets rid of Medicare and Medicaid but preserves tax cuts for the wealthy and leaves the defense budget untouched).

Cannibalism in America, the Super Rich are eating America, by a fellow blogger (How much is enough? If ya have to ask, you don't have enough).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Strange Dancing Frog Legs

This is really freaky. But I guess it has an explanantion.

Over at HowStuffWorks, they say it's:

"Because these are fresh frog legs, the cells inside them are all still intact. The biochemical machinery still functions. There is still a source of energy for the muscles in the form of unused ATP molecules stored in the cells. All that the muscles need is something to activate them and they can still contract and relax (until they run out of ATP or something else shuts down the biochemical machinery)."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sustainability Seminar 2011 - Pomona

The Pomona's Regenerative Cooperative will be hosting their annual Sustainability Seminar on Saturday, April 2th, 2011!

Native plants, bonsi gardening, home rain catchment, solar power and home energy efficiency, bicycle repair, natural homemade beauty products, sewing your own clothes, reducing toxic products at home, and salvage design will all be topics presented. A discussion forum will take place in the evening. A potluck lunch at noon, and dinner and a closing party will happen after the evening forum. Below is a 'flyer' of their event.