Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Time And Hello 2012

I sat outside this morning with a nice cup of coffee and realized that I daydream more often than I should. I also realized that I do not care to share these thoughts on a blog as much (some of these thoughts are too much I think). But I also realize how frickin' busy I have been since Thanksgiving. Not only did we host Thanksgiving at our home without knowing until Thanksgiving afternoon, we also hosted Christmas Eve as well, with a 5 day notice! (We were supposed to spend the weekend in Montecito with relatives, but I didn't 'confirm').

I had planned a New Years shindig at my place earlier this year, but these non-planned double holiday parties have pooped me out physically and financially. Although New Years Eve will be here, we will have a smaller get-together than anticipated, just a handful of close people. It's alot easier that way, although all are welcome to come (just bring some drinks or food).

Also, all the kids are home for a couple of weeks, so Grocery shopping is a constant thing. The last minute Christmas shopping for the WHOLE family was a beating in itself, physically and financially once again. Actually, now that I think about it, it wasn't the parties that did it, it was the day before preparations!

So then, this small New Years thing doesn't sound so bad. Small, chilled and a relaxed atmosphere sounds really good now.

Hope everyone out there has a Happy New Years Eve and Day! 2012 is sure to be one strange year. With the monsters that be tinkering with Iran, and North Korea with a new kid leader, it should be interesting.

Here's a little something to ring in the New Year:

Monday, December 12, 2011

A View On 9-11

This man has a point, if not for the excessive profanity... viewer discretion is advised!