Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Santa COP Breakfast Tomorrow

If you have a chance, stop by the Pomona Police Department this Thursday morning (11/15) and pick up some yummy breakfast between 7:30am - 10:30am. A donation of $4 will help donate gifts for needy families in Pomona this holiday season. You get Eggs, Sausages, Juice & Coffee. Taking place in the West Lot of the PD located at 490 W. Mission Blvd. in Pomona.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rothman's Back & Pomona

I know Mayor Rothman is not liked by many in the Pomona world, and he has thus once again become Mayor. I'm always hearing about 'Mayor Moochie' and his selfish runarounds in Pomona's businesses, taking credit for other's work or how he does evil things to people he doesn't like. I've met him many times and personally, he's been nice to me and always shakes my hand and tells me hello. I've talked to him about city stuff and he speaks well with me. I stay neutral on the subject more or less, but it's hard to when residents and businesses have so many complaints.

We all know Phillips Ranch and North Pomona are the deciding voters in all our elections (besides district ones). Yet, they voted for him again. Why? The rest of Pomona if they are serious enough, needs to get their residents out to vote if you don't like him. I don't want to hear about complaints, do something! Put the word out instead of speaking to your own audience.

But besides those who voted for him, the biggest problem was having that Ursua guy run. He stole potential votes that Freddie Rodriguez would've had to possibly beat Rothman. It's kind of the Ross Perot or Ralph Nader effect. Was it on purpose? Let the conspiracy theorists begin!

I was hoping for a Freddie Rodriguez win, although I know he's been in the council for quite some time. He had some fresh ideas and the energy to move Pomona forward. Out here in District 4 I didn't see much support in the form of signs or volunteers, really. I think he could've made a bigger push to get out here.

I am also happy for Paula Lantz returning once again to District 4. She is so quick to respond to any neighborhood issues I've had in the past. I also enjoy the fact that she is a council with no self-interest for trying to be Mayor or the next higher level as so many have in the past and present. I am not fond of people who use Pomona as a stepping stone to propel themselves forward (take a guess who). Congrats on Debra Martin for taking District 6, it needed a new voice and I know it was the toughest district fight. Also, congrats to Mr. Nolte for the win in District 1. I am curious to see what changes he will bring to the city and his district. It was an overwhelming win for him, I guess people there weren't happy with Danielle Soto.

We had 5 measures for Pomona, (T U V W X) and I got 2 out of the 5. No on Measure T and Yes on Measure X. Regarding Measure X, I've always used the Claremont Library since it's up the street from me, but that's pretty sad that Pomona with it's size cannot have a library. For the price of less than 1 cup of Starbucks a month, we can keep the library open for our kids to learn. Yes, I know the city's at fault for messing it all up, but it's my part to help. Apparently, it has to have 2/3 of the vote, so I'm guessing it didn't pass? Measure T is just silly, again, leaving 2 areas of Pomona to decide who represents each District for the rest of us is just not right. I do get it when there's districts who have very little turnout and keep the same councilperson in the there for years and years when someone new is needed.

Anyways, this is my pointless little write up about our local elections with tons of typos and things that possibly don't make sense.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Collapse Of The American Dream

This is a great animation that explains our whole banking system which runs everything! It isn't partisan but I think it does a great job explaining how it works to most people. It's simplified and I strongly recommend every American to watch it. Enjoy...