Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Copy Machines. Yeah, The One At Work

Many of us have used a copier at work to make copies of personal stuff once in a while, come on, admit it. Perhaps a contract or some escrow papers, copies of our drivers license, maybe a copy of our birth certificate, or who knows what else we've copied when no ones around? Of course, we've asked for permission (wink, wink). Regardless, you need to see this. It will scare the pants off ya.


  1. Thanks for the tip like so many others I didn't know this crap was going on again thanks.

  2. Wow, thanks. Obviously a certain segment of the population will cry "nanny-state" or too much government regulation, but I'd sleep a lot better knowing that some legislative body stepped up to do the right thing. Given even a non-user is vulnerable, the best target for change is probably the manufacturer. Why do we need to store the images on a hard drive? And I'm curious why Sharp is charging $500 for an application that erases the images.