Thursday, April 19, 2012

Claremont's Auto Center & Indian Hill... Mess.

Well, not really a mess. I am certainly excited all this new business is coming to this dormant shopping area. We lost Chili's, Hollywood Video, Albertsons and other stores a few years back. Now we've added American (Norms), Chinese, Mediterranean, and Grilled food, along with the great SUPER KING Market. On that note, I say I LOVE Super King! It is the place for super-Veggie deals and meats. Not a bad selection of wine either.

On that note, Super King is a shopping cart traffic nightmare, it is too small and there are just too many people there ALL THE TIME. The sense of 'excuse me' and 'pardon me' seem to disappear when you're there by most people(I guess because saying it 100 times gets old). I even tried going on that Wednesday morning a week or two ago when it rained to see if the crowd lessened, nope, same thing. I've also been to the Altadena one, and the same situation ensued... Little parking and plenty of flying get-outta-da-way shoppers.

Now there's word of a Chase Bank with a Drive-thru coming our way. Great idea! I bank with those evil bastards and get tired of driving through slow downtown Claremont all the time. There's also a Martial Arts studio coming to the center.

Here's the biggest issue, that G'damn INDIAN HILL with a traffic light every 20 feet! From San Bernardino Avenue in Pomona to San Jose Avenue in Claremont, this street is jammed everyday North and South. The worst hours are from 7:00am to 9:00am, and 2:00pm to 6:00pm weekdays.

I hope the City of Claremont has something in the works for this insane traffic congestion that has begun and will get worse. And while you're at it, Claremont, can you allow a GAMESTOP to be added here?

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