Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sanctum Brewing's One Year Anniversary

I got the chance to attend Sanctum Brewing's anniversary party this past weekend. It was a blast, or can we still say 'Epic'? Delicious brews and delicious BBQ food. The beer selection was INSANE and there were no -meh- beers at all! My personal favorite was the NYXBORN, an English Brown Ale with Mexican Sweet Bread. Dare I say it? Best Brown Ale in the world! I also enjoyed the HAMISH THE STRONG, an Imperial Red made with Whiskey soaked oak chips. A different take was the CALIFORNIA ROLL'N. It is an American Ale that drinks like a meal. No kidding. You can taste the cucumbers and avocado in it, i even could taste the crab legs. It was delicious, why bother eating when all you need is Beer? I could go on forever but I got to taste just about everything they had. They had 3 serving areas and here is their beer list (sorry not too good a shot):
Did I mention the food? Oh yeah, all Barbequed on Red Oak logs:
Early shots of the crowd enjoying this gorgeous evening:
I've done my trek of beer tastings, and I believe Pomona has a true brewing gem in Sanctum Brewing Company, these guys are amazing. If you get a chance, come by and visit. Especially during Art Walk, where the trolley will bring you over and pick you up for free from the downtown!

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  1. Anniversary party seems to be quite good. One of my colleagues is planning her birthday dinner at one of the sober New York venues near our office next week. Hope we all have a good time. Looking for a nice gift for her.