Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sanctum Brewing's One Year Anniversary

I got the chance to attend Sanctum Brewing's anniversary party this past weekend. It was a blast, or can we still say 'Epic'? Delicious brews and delicious BBQ food. The beer selection was INSANE and there were no -meh- beers at all! My personal favorite was the NYXBORN, an English Brown Ale with Mexican Sweet Bread. Dare I say it? Best Brown Ale in the world! I also enjoyed the HAMISH THE STRONG, an Imperial Red made with Whiskey soaked oak chips. A different take was the CALIFORNIA ROLL'N. It is an American Ale that drinks like a meal. No kidding. You can taste the cucumbers and avocado in it, i even could taste the crab legs. It was delicious, why bother eating when all you need is Beer? I could go on forever but I got to taste just about everything they had. They had 3 serving areas and here is their beer list (sorry not too good a shot):
Did I mention the food? Oh yeah, all Barbequed on Red Oak logs:
Early shots of the crowd enjoying this gorgeous evening:
I've done my trek of beer tastings, and I believe Pomona has a true brewing gem in Sanctum Brewing Company, these guys are amazing. If you get a chance, come by and visit. Especially during Art Walk, where the trolley will bring you over and pick you up for free from the downtown!