Friday, October 30, 2009

Bud Light Wheat... It's Here.

Something new from A/B has hit the shelves. They seem to notice how Coors' Blue Moon has been a big hit. This is their version, or light version of that wheat beer sensation that's sweeping the nation (or night clubs & bars). At least I think it is, again, I'm no expert.

Well, how does it taste? I don't mind a regular Bud Light once in a while, they're okay when ice cold. I am also not a snotty beer person, I will drink whatever ya got as long as it's cold, but I do prefer pale ales and other micro brews. Getting back to the question, this isn't bad at all.

At first, it tasted like someone dropped a bunch of cheez-its into the beer and let them soak. It sounds gross, but it has a nice flavor to it. Although it seems that if you drink these all night, ya might get some funky garlicky breath. But after my 2nd one, it is a smooth drink with a salty-like flavor. I am trying desperately to taste the oranges and coriander. I can barely taste any coriander, and a very light orange taste. I expected the flavor to come through like Wicked's Strawberry Blonde, where you instantly taste strawberries.

I generally love to mix Clamato Juice with my Bud Light and add a splash of lime and some hot sauce (called Michelada in Spanish). Bud Light wheat for some reason seems similar to it, but a very very light version of it. Anyways, Bud Light Wheat is a step up from it's regular beer, more of a delight that I think may stick with men and women alike. For a light wheat lager, I give this a 3.5 out of 5.

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