Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Recycle Trash Bandits

Is it just me or is there an uptick in recycle trash can digging? No, I'm sure there's an uptick, as the economy is in the crapper and some people need to eat... I guess. They are thieves, as they are technically stealing from city property.

When I first bought my house, I didn't pay much attention to these thieves. I let these thieves do their thing. My mentality was, heck this city doesn't do a thing for me, let these people make money. At least I know and can see who it's helping. I am from Los Angeles and naturally, this is a common attitude.

At that time, due to ignorance, I thought this city had been a bygone in the way of old Huntington Park, Maywood, Compton, for example. I basically thought it had mostly no hope left, it was done. Gone to the history books as a once thriving town. As I lived here longer, actually drove around and became more involved, I realized that while I'm here, I need to help my city however I can. There are alot of people around here trying to change things.

Oh, and that's not to say these towns I previously mention have ZERO hope, it's just so darn small. Anyways...

This leaves me with the question, do I report these people? What do you do? I'm stuck in the middle.

The part that says no is getting weaker though. But still, I'd hate to have someone arrested for picking up recycles and actually RECYCLING. And this city's recycle truck is always late, usually by the afternoon. So it's also their fault. I have witnessed the night before trash digging from 11pm-2am. I have also seen it the same day around 10-11am, while the regular trash and green waste had been picked up earlier.

The part that says yes is getting stronger. I mean, there can be personal info in there, such as a FedEx box, paper, mailings, etc. Also, some of these thieves leave a mess and drop trash. Although, I have seen one who actually puts everything back and places the trash container back correctly. Continuing on yes, if nothing is done, this is only going to generate more zombies around the streets at night. Some might disguise themselves as recycle thieves and go further, perhaps vehicles or lawn ornaments. It is creepy seeing these people going through my trash at night. How is the city supposed to generate extra money with this happening constantly?

So I sit back and do nothing yet. Well, I actually do not take out the recycle the night before and wait til about 10am on trash day. This way I don't hurt anyone nor do I get angered/scared. How bad is your area in dumpster diving? What would you do or what do you do?

Update: Took the trash out around 9:30am, went for a walk around 11am, and wallah...
caught one!


  1. That's what happens when they bulldoze all the citrus groves.

  2. I'm sitting back and doing nothing, but let us know if the police actually responde to the call. Consider it a civic experiment.

    If you really think about it, how hard would it be the police to spot these people on their normal patrols......just having the shopping cart is against the law.

  3. I've actually seen the police stop dumpster divers here in Lincoln Park. Not very often, but I've seen it.