Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did U Know?: Caesar Salad

Did you know that the name of this one of a kind salad doesn't refer to the famous Roman conqueror, but to a man from Tijuana who created it? This restauranteur's name was Caesar Cardini.

"Cardini started several restaurants in Tijuana, Mexico in the early 1920's. He devised the salad in 1924 during the 4th of July weekend at Caesar's Place. He served it as finger food, arranging the garlic-scented lettuce leaves on platters. Later, he shredded the leaves into bite-sized pieces. The salad quickly became a hit with the Hollywood movie stars who visited Tijuana, and soon enough it was a specialty of such prestigious restaurants as Chasen's and Romanoff's."

(Food for thought, literally... I didn't know until recently, thought I'd share it with anyone out there. In fact, I should do these little 'Did U Know' segments once in a while... hmm, nah.)


  1. I never knew that either. This kind of info is cool. Did U Know segments would be cool also. Thanks!

  2. I love little tidbits of info. like this. I had no idea it originated from a paisa in TJ...good stuff!