Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Next Wave Of Spamming: FLOGS

The next generation of spammers... Companies now using fake blogs, also known as 'FLOGS' to peddle their products to alot of people out there who can't tell the difference.

How does the fakeosphere work? Here’s one example tracked by

"Starting in September, visitors to many newspaper Web sites in the Northeast were confronted by an unexpected pop-up ad. A Web site named interrupted their surfing, displaying what seemed to be an open debate about a get-rich-quick product named the Google Wealth Connection. The entry began with a question from an apparently curious user about the service's claims that participants were earning up to $4,800 a month. An apparently spirited conversation followed, with some posters questioning the service while others shared their personal success stories. One attractive poster even claimed the site helped her pay for college.

“You've convinced me! I just ordered my Google Wealth Connection kit. I will report back with the results later,” concluded user marie09."

Full story on MSNBC: Click Here.

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