Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Annual SGV Blogger's Potluck

Straight from the Pasadena Daily Photo Blog:

"It's fun time for the San Gabriel Valley blog community. This means not just bloggers, but blog visitors, too--whether you comment or not. Just because you're reading this right now, you're invited to the SGV Blogger's Potluck on March 20th! Wasn't that easy?

It's a chance to meet your blog friends face-to-face. It's hosted by some of your favorite Altadena bloggers. Last year it was a blast (not like the picture, though).

There's one catch. You have to bring something to share. You know, like, food. It's a potluck.

PS, Hey David Allen, are you game for this event?


  1. While previous commitments will prevent my attending, I hope that you, Scrip, will at least give us a feel for what we're missing.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Sorry Skrip for misspelling your name :-)

  3. That`s a trip Skrip give us a full report with pictures and take Dave Allen with you I hear he`s a real party animal at these blog. things.