Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Claremont's 7-11 Drama

The wife and I have noticed the building on Mills & Foothill for a while now. She's always saying, I wish we could move our L.A. office into this cool building.

Well, it's been cool and empty for a while now (as many other new buildings are).

But there is someone interested in it for sometime now. A 7-11 store wants in and they were denied. They are appealing this and you can read it over at the City of Claremont's Website. I must say thanks to Claremont Insider, who first broke this story (at least to my eyes).

Now, there are 2 sides in my opinion.

First Side: This is Claremont, and we all know how it works. 7-11 is known for bums, panhandlers and crime, no matter what city it's in. It's a property value dropper for many too. Sales to nearby college students would also create a 'problem' as well. And heck, there's an AM/PM down the block on Foothill & Claremont Blvd (which I believe doesn't sell alcohol), but anyways.

Second Side: 7-11 is willing to adjust its hours dramatically and become non-24 hours. Alot of college students are over 21, and they have the right to buy alcohol if they choose. Most of the students go to the 'scary' 7-11 on Indian Hill in Pomona to buy alcohol, I see them and have been with them before (And we all do miss Albertsons that had a better beer selection, don't we guys?). It would be nice to have one closer and it would be safer (Walking distance).

All in all, I think this 7-11 would be allowed, but ONLY if it was Pomona Adjacent, like drive-thrus south of the 10 (which they're currently fighting for a WalGreens north of the 10).

Oh the problems in life...

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