Saturday, July 17, 2010

Around The Garden

It's been a while since I've posted anything Garden related. I've really slacked in this department for quite some time now. But with the recent heat wave of the last few days, I caught myself up early this morning to water the yard. Then I remembered and snap a few shots of stuff before it fries. (It shouldn't, but just in case). Here's what's up around the garden this morning (Click any image to enlarge).

The 'Chaste Tree' blooms are looking great! These will last over a month, but the purple blooms stand out so much! I think I caught a bee or some flying bug in this shot.

The grape is doing it's thing in the overhead arbor... and there are oranges overhanging as well.

This little pine was planted in January 2008 at about 4 feet in height. It is currently around 15 feet! You can also spot a mature 'Sweetgum' in the back, as well as some foliage of an 'Angel's Trumpet'.

And finally, a nice little tropical corner in the raw. I usually would sweep the area before I take a picture, but I kind of like the messy leaves on the flagstone. This area is usually shaded from about 11pm til the end of the day by an orange tree.

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