Monday, July 12, 2010

Betrayal In Proud Pomona

The L.A. Weekly has a great article on the recent events concerning Pomona's City & Police woes. The writer Mark Cromer, writes one of the best articles concering our situation. I love how he starts by letting us know what Pomona PD did that many other big city neighborhoods wish they could do:

"...more than 450 lawmen from agencies all over Southern California fanned out across the city with Pomona P.D. at the spear-point of what remains the biggest municipal ass-kicking ever handed to the homeboys of 12th Street. It was a city-provided colonoscopy that had even the toughest veteranos wincing. Civic leaders and police brass vowed to crush the gang."

Let's not forget that past and continue to support Pomona Police.

There's also a hint of L.A. County firefighters meddling with these affairs:

"International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1014 President Dave Gillotte raised eyebrows when he posted a message on the union local's Web site demanding that any cuts in the county fire services budget for Pomona "must be tied proportionally" to cuts in the city's police budget."

Enough of my ranting, click here to read the 2 page article.

p.s., if you live in Pomona, please call Pomona's Officer Association (909)392-8982 and ask for instructions on obtaining a yard sign to show your support. We must not let them take our police department, who is going to be 100 years old next year!

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