Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011... More Crap

The holidays have had me non-stop in the busy world. Too much going on and no time to sit and blog at all. Just wanted to check myself in and take a sec from all the parties, events, kids, errands, visits, family and friends. I'm still alive and I guess that's a good thing. May 2011 be something other than the misery & fallout left from the Bush administration we're still dealing with. I hope it ends soon. We need to bring jobs back to the USA, plain and simple. We need to remove all the privatization that is eating us alive.

But enough of that... I was at the Lakers vs Hornets game earlier, but managed to get home about an hour ago from some fun at ESPN Zone at L.A. Live with friends. The only Pale Ale on tap was Sierra Nevada... I was expecting more. Oh well...

My sons won their basketball games earlier too, so that was fun (freshman and varsity). Not much else to say, I'm not feeling too well, got a slight cold keeping me congested.

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