Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh Pomona, You Lazy Ass City

It been over a month since I've taken the Lincoln Avenue street sign to City Hall that had fallen during the late December rains. I spoke to someone over the phone who was grateful and seemed to want to fix the situation. I personally walked it over to their engineering department as well. In fact, the head of Public Works also returned my call (after 2 1/2 weeks) saying he wasn't aware and would handle it. The location of the sign is on Lincoln Ave & Indian Hill if you'd like to see it yourself.

As of today, the sign remains a bare florescent light bulb case. I'm holding back on calling the city because I will rip them a new one. I'll wait 'til I'm a bit more patient and relaxed. It would take them a few minutes to put it back and re-clip it. I probably should have kept the sign for my garage as I had joked about it, would've gotten more use.

There's a reason why I called this the 'Ignored Northeast Area', which is fast becoming the bad Pomona due to neglect and the economy. The disease will probably continue to spread into the nice streets of some of the North Pomona areas. I've already noticed the influx of parked cars along Indian Hill from San Bernardino to American Ave. There were never parked cars on that street at night, but now about 4 of the homes there have become renter motels.

Here's another example why we're not the City of Trees as our neighbor in Claremont surely is (tree maintenance along the American Avenue city border):

When I first moved here, the street trees were maintained every 2 years. Now it's been over 4 years since any maintenance has been done. Oh, but to chop trees down, the city will be there in a flash, because that's less work for them regardless of the city looking worse and crime going up. Nice.

Paula Lantz, our Councilwoman, do you hear this?

UPDATE: It is now February the 1st, and NOTHING has been done about the Lincoln Ave. sign. Everyone in the city/public works seem to think it's been completed, but it obviously hasn't. Can it go 2 months now?


  1. You see Mayor Moochie needed those funds for the maiteance on his red curb in front of his house.

  2. Well, the sign is finally up, drove by this week and it's there. You can see a 'bend' on the sign shape a bit, probably from sitting smashed up somewhere for over a month.