Tuesday, March 8, 2011

L.A. City Elections Today

I'm thinking of heading down to L.A. for the after parties, why not? I am wishing Jose Huizar the best of luck. This guy ran a tough campaign and is a friend of my family. We are no longer in District 14, but continue to support him. It's been a crazy campaign against Rudy Martinez, but we'll see how it went tonight. For a list of all the certified candidates, Click Here.

Among other things, I stopped by Pomona's City Clown-cil meeting last night. No comment. ;)

And I attended the M3 Music Festival in Downtown Pomona on Sunday, and that was awesome. Ran into some old L.A. friends there and met Richard Blade. Until the darn clouds rolled in and took the sun away.

Update:Looks like Huizar is taking this one as of right now (11:45pm), he's at 65%. For all the L.A. election results you can go here: City Clerk Election Results


  1. Congrats to Huizar, he will once again represent CD14. I didn't make it to his celebration (worked late...again).

  2. Big sigh of relief. I rather skewered Rudy in my last blog post. Considering Rudy crawls close to the ground, had he won, I had legitimate fears for my future well being.