Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Is Crazy And So Are The Headlines

Been away from the blog so much lately, there's simply too much stuff going on. I have managed to do some more garden/backyard work in some of that time (including a cool re-claim of a bar table/setting) and hopefully will post pictures soon as Spring warms up.

Among other things, I've enrolled in the Pomona Police Citizen's Academy and it's been pretty awesome. It's a great experience to see the inner workings of this city's Police department. Hopefully I can post some more info on that once I've completed the program.

I also have my oldest son getting ready to finish up his senior year in High School. He's been accepted to 2 universities so that's very exciting. I've also managed to snag some Lakers suite tickets once again for this Sunday's game. What better way to go than a suite? Free food and drinks! Woohoo! The only way to go to a Laker game.

Other than that, this crazy world remains that. Here's some nonsense happening in our modern world. Hopefully you've stumbled here with a nice cup of coffee (yes you, the 1 reader, if any).

Head on over to Texas and have a burger at Fat Ho Burgers.

Cocaine found at NASA once AGAIN.

1/3 of Staten Island is on pain pills.

Chinese farmer claims his sheep gave birth to a Sheep-Dog.

I hate to say this, but I must. Whats Black, White and RED all over?
(I know bad joke, but you get it right?)

I'm moving to Russia, here's the World Map Of Average Breast Cup Size.

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