Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Bummer

My posting has dwindled, no doubt. It's not because I don't want to do it anymore, it's just that I have no time! My oldest son has just graduated High School and is ready for college, my middle son has just transferred to Bonita and has football practice all week, plus my oldest is doing his driver training school for his license. Not to mention my 'domestic' duties at home and all the running around I do on a daily basis. My lack of fulltime employment doesn't help, as it gives more time to do things we normally can't get done. I am also working on some weekends among other things for extra cash.

My mind is racing with so much that I don't know when to stop. The only time I stop it all is when I light up the BBQ Grill and pour myself a nice cold beer. Hmm, it's Friday, perhaps I should do that when I end my day today.

(after going to the mall to pay Macys, Sears and then going to my mechanic and paying that bill too. Then it's off to the grocery store, then post office for a certified letter, then gas fillup, then Home Depot for supplies for a project, then take son to friends house 20 miles away, blah blah blah).

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