Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City Of MonteBELLo... Yeah Emphasis On -BELL-

No surprise, as MOST city officials become city officials because of the perks, NOT because they TRULY care about the city. Although during their campaign they will speak like they are fighting for all the people of the city.

Anyways, looks like Montebello is heading the City of Bell way, perhaps. According to this ARTICLE on a State Audit, Montebello misspent $31 million in redevelopment and gas funds.

Not to mention there is also an investigation of $1 Million in payouts of Montebello city money in 'off-the-books' accounts.


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  1. What the article doesn't mention--although it was mentioned in the LA Times article--is that the city attorney looking out for the city's interest is Arnold Alvarez-Glasman. Yes the same guy who is OUR city attorney.