Thursday, November 10, 2011

Claremont's Cough Syrup Cartel

Oh yeah, my fine friends over at Claremont Insider have an interesting write up on this story published by the Daily Bulletin, here's a quote from the Daily Bulletin:

"A Claremont woman and her son are among four defendants who have been charged with money laundering related to a pharmaceutical distribution ring.

Lucita Uy, 70, and her son Lemuel Libunao, 42, both of Claremont were allegedly part of a narcotics ring that sent the powerful cough syrup Promethazine from Southern California to Texas where it was often sold at a high markup, according to information from the United States Attorney's Office.
The cough syrup is referred to as "purple drank," "syrup," "purple liquid" and "lean."

The Claremont Insider digs deeper and gives you the whole story, previous indictments, pictures and personal quotes. What's interesting is I'm always at my kid's soccer practice by the house at Padua Park. And in the end, this part had me laughing...

"All of which just goes to show that Claremonters lead very interesting lives, and we may just never be what we appear to be."

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