Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Out & Vote Today!

Yeah I know, for one little thing. And many other cities too. For Pomona, there are 5 candidates for 2 School Board positions. I say out of a population of over 150,000, perhaps 500 will vote, well, okay, less than 1,000. And it will probably mostly be out of Phillips Ranch & Diamond Bar.

I really hope Frank Guzman gets a slot on the board. This guy really does want to do the job, and doesn't seem to be trying to 'Norma Torres' himself for personal gain. He is a Diamond Bar resident, but we share our school district with half of that city. Plus he grew up and works in Pomona and wants to make it better.

The other person I have always liked is Jason Rothman. I voted for him in the past and I really like his stance on that nasty little measure they passed on us by fooling many voters, measure SS. He voted against it as Andrew Wong did too. I applaud Jason for that. Now that being said, everyone doesn't seem to like his father, our Mayor and I've heard all the gossip & rumors relating to him on this school board election. Regardless, I still think Jason does a great job on the board and hope he is his own person, which I believe he is.

The rest of the candidates I have no clue about. I will vote for these 2, since I personally have met them on several occasions.

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