Friday, September 30, 2011

Epic View Of The L.A. County Fair Today

One of the questions I am asked all the time is, 'Have you gone to the L.A. County Fair?". I always say no, never have and don't plan to. Something about it being very expensive, especially with a family and also large crowds that can frustrate you, kinda make me stay away.

Nevertheless, a friend pointed out this cool picture taken today at the fair and shared on Facebook. I was at the Bonita vs Diamond Ranch football game played at Ganesha High, and the sky was a little nuts with a small sprinkle of rain twice today. What a cool shot of the fair this is:

(if this post sounds awful and there are typos, pardon me, I am drinking down a couple of beers to mourn Bonita's loss to Diamond Ranch).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City Of MonteBELLo... Yeah Emphasis On -BELL-

No surprise, as MOST city officials become city officials because of the perks, NOT because they TRULY care about the city. Although during their campaign they will speak like they are fighting for all the people of the city.

Anyways, looks like Montebello is heading the City of Bell way, perhaps. According to this ARTICLE on a State Audit, Montebello misspent $31 million in redevelopment and gas funds.

Not to mention there is also an investigation of $1 Million in payouts of Montebello city money in 'off-the-books' accounts.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Santa Cruz Views

Had another great weekend in Santa Cruz and can't wait to go back soon! Here's a little cheaply-put-together snapshot of the view from our indoor balcony at the Casablanca Inn on Saturday morning located on the boardwalk. This picture does not do it justice, but how wonderful it was to sip coffee and watch people start setting up their volleyball games (click any picture to enlarge):

This is the hotel where we stayed, viewing out into the ocean (inside that glass middle section):

Here's a view of the rides on the boardwalk from the pier:

Hello there, adorable little beach town:

I also managed to get a few shots of those loud sea lions on the pier:

and a random 'hippie' singing for us all!

Santa Cruz, you will see me again. It is so nice to enter any pub or restaurant, and be able to drink delicious IPA's and other beer. Not to mention, my son will be there for at least 4 years, so I've got an excuse!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Claremont To Covina Bike Day This Saturday!

What a neat, healthy and earth friendly event this upcoming Saturday the 24th!

"Come join us as we celebrate Moving Planet Day with a fun bike ride from Claremont's train depot to Covina's train depot. It's an easy ten-mile ride, mostly downhill.

Haven't been on a bike in a while? No problem! Come to the Claremont Depot at 9:30 AM to fill out a little paperwork, then get your bike tuned-up, by the nice folks from Jax Bicycle Center, if your ride needs one. There will be a short bike safety talk before we start the ride at 10 AM. Along the route there will “bike shepherds” with radios, spare tubes, and other bike maintenance equipment if you need help.

When we get to Covina we’ll join riders from that city and enjoy a “buy-your-own” delicious lunch at Taste of Texas before riding back to Claremont. (Covina riders will begin their ride to Claremont after lunch and return home after a brief refreshment break in Claremont.)

If you decide you’re not up for the return ride to Claremont, you can always put yourself and your bike on an eastbound Metrolink train. For riders who want a more challenging ride back to Claremont, join a group that will head north to Glendora. Perhaps you’ll want to stop by Finkbinder Park and join that town’s Moving Planet Day celebration there. The rest of the riders will return to Claremont via the same route we took to Covina with “bike shepherds” supporting that ride.

This event is sponsored by Sustainable Claremont with help from the city of Claremont, Claremont Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the city of Covina, Jax Bicycle Center, and the Claremont Senior Bike Group.

Come join us! Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome. Biking is good for your health and the health of our planet!"

For More Info & Route Maps, visit: MovingPlanet.Org and contact Denise Spooner!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seriously Chase Bank, F*ck You

Painting by Alex Schaefer

I've recently wrote up a rant about the evil's of Chase Bank, also can be applied to any other large mega-corporate bank. And now I'm also catching on to a few, as they say on the streets 'scanless' things. In that rant, I told you how using a Non-Chase ATM for a $20 withdrawal, will cost you about $24.50 total at the end of the day.

Well, the other day I needed $200, and I couldn't find a Chase Bank nearby. I said, ah, fuck it, I'll stop at this Citibank. That's what I get for not going to the Chase branch by my house on Indian Hill. The only thing different I did this time was to 'check my account balance'. And guess what, there's a fee for that too. Here is the transaction:

NON-CHASE ATM WITHDRAW $203.00 (Including $3 fee Citibank Charges)

TOTAL: $207.00

What this means is that if you would've withdrawn $20 and also checked your account balance, it would've cost you $27 to get $20 of your own money!!!

Lesson learned and shared.

Another thing they LOVE to do... is to hold payments to make sure you're just missing enough money, so that they can put the transaction through and make your account go negative balance. Wallah! An easy $34 for each transaction after! You had a quick lunch at McDonalds for around $7? Well, it now cost you $41 for those nasty fries!

Yeah I know, the conservative side of me says, well, you should keep track of every penny in your checkbook register, you irresponsible twit! True, don't we all wish it was that simple for many of us.

No more are the days of, "I'll write a check today, or buy that now, I get paid tomorrow anyways."

Regardless, here are some examples I have experienced.

I had $1000 in my checking, but payday was tomorrow, enough to cover my $1500 mortgage and then some. I go into Bank of America at 4pm to pay my mortgage on Thursday. I check my Chase account on Friday, and the check went through the same day I paid it on Thursday, so guess what, yup, Friday I covered but they made an extra $34.

No biggie right? Remember how Bush ok'd the banks to allow checks through instantly instead of like 3 days or so? anyways...

well, same scenario. This time I have $3000 in my account on Thursday. I am paying once more by check my mortgage of $1500 at B of A at 4pm on a Thursday. What do you think happens next? The damn check does not clear the next day, but until next week on a Tuesday!! They must have figured, hopefully theyll spend most of their balance over the weekend.


It amazes me how they get away with this stuff.

Also, I made an online car payment a couple of weeks ago for $650 on a Wednesday. I had around $1200 in that account that night. I called to check my balance 2 days later, said I have $550 available. Simple math tells you the $650 is on the pending or has gone through. Cool... well, weekend comes and I have a few expenses, I tried to stay on top of it. But then I noticed I spent about $552 by Tuesday when I checked my account.

Now check this out, that transaction for the car payment, whether pending or whatever, WAS NOT THERE when I checked online that following Tueday! No sign of it anywhere, but it showed I had a balance of $648. Hmm, pretty obvious they're holding it to put the $650 car payment through that was paid the previous Wednsday and get their free $34 from me. Why would you show the transaction by Friday and the weekend, but wait til I had a couple dollars less Tuesday?

So I transferred $100 from my savings, hahaha.... f*ck them! They ended up putting the transaction through on Wednesday and never got their fee.

So good people of Los Angeles to Pomona, watch these bastards, they're screwing you with every chance they get! Courtesy of your tax dollars!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Noise Ordinance in Ontario

New Noise Ordinance in Ontario... I frickin' love it!

"Loud nuisance violators have been put on notice by city officials. A recent change to the municipal code now gives police officers the authority to issue fines to first-time violators."

No, I'm not against parties or fun in your own backyard. It's just that when you want to convert it into a dance hall/concert stadium for more than just your block, into the wee-hours of the night, I have a problem with it. Hey, my house is a total party house. But I don't abuse the music into the night at high volumes. If my music ever even hits a high note, it might go one house over or so at most, but it doesnt rattle windows or disturb the peace. Plus all my guests remain in my house or back and not in front of the house.

Lately, with the influx of new renters/discourteous owners, they will usually try it once. I suggest to call in the noise, even if it's before 10pm. This way they dont think it's okay to do it all the time. And I'm talking the loud bass rumbling parties. I'm okay with mellow music that doesn't rumble my house. In Pomona by law, before 10pm the noise cannot exceed 250 feet, and after 10pm it can't exceed 150 feet from the source.

Of course, at time a neighbor will ask if it's okay and even invite. That's very nice and then it is up to you. But when I can hear it 2 blocks away, come on, be real. I have enough with all these new dogs in the neighborhood as it is!

So Ontario, BIG-UPS on this new ordinance, it will scare and definitely put a stop to many of these ruthless parties with no respect for the neighbors and community.

Read The Full Story over at: Daily Bulletin.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Congrats To Bonita High's Win Over San Dimas (Again)

What a game... critics predicted a San Dimas Saints win over the Bonita Bearcats, and Bonita proved them wrong. A great game, which was completely filled on the Bonita side! Final score was BEARCATS 40, SAINTS 20. Here's to a great upcoming season guys! Congratulations!

The excitement rages on!

the Smudge Pot belongs to the Bearcats once again!

#13 Dimas Diaz congratulating one of the night's stars, #23 Garrett Horine