Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guns'N'Roses @Hollywood Palladium

I got a last minute chance to see Guns 'N' Roses perform in Hollywood this past Friday March 9, 2012. The most recent concert I've seen here at the Palladium would have been Morrissey, some couple of years ago. I think he was the last performer before the shutdown for a remodel. Anyways, this was an interesting concert to say the least. We lined up, and right before we went in, decided to have a few drinks across the street at The Well. Why? They told us some bands would be performing til around 10:30pm or so, and it was just past 9pm. After a few drinks and feeling fuzzy, we headed back over and got in quickly. The final cover band was still playing, don't have a clue as to who or what, but it was a weird mix off death metal, heavy metal, traditional rock and Maroon 5 (LOL).

Anyways, to make a long story short... G'N'R did not show up until AFTER MIDNIGHT! But I have to say, Axel Rose certianly still has it. He was spot on with all the music. All the music sounded great. I was also told that the only original WAS Axel Rose. Regardless, the band played awesome. The young wanna-be Slash was very cool on the guitars, even smiling when we were flipping him off! But it was a good flipping off too, as we bobbed our heads to 'Sweet Child Of Mine'.

This last part I could not believe, we all felt very tired so I decided to look at my watch (yeah, I still wear one). It was 3:50AM! What the hell? Who in their right mind plays so late? There were people sitting and sleeping along the halls and walls all along the inside of the Palladium. We waited til about 4am, thinking that was the last song, but NO, another one came on. We couldn't take it... I wonder when did it actually finish? My goodness.

I managed a few VERY crappy snaps from my cheap Samsung Intensity old ass phone:

In the end, not too bad a show. Even Charlie Sheen was there enjoying himself (Paparazzi, F*ck off and leave him alone). But I think the $100+ tickets were just a tad bit too much, not to mention $14 beers! (The large cup that is).

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