Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Rant On New Warning On DVDs & Other

Nowadays, many people enjoy watching movies by either downloading them, watching them on their computers, pay-per-view, or cable/satellite TV. This is pretty normal, I do it myself as well. But I also enjoy having movies on DVDs, it's like a library of books for me. I am an avid DVD buyer, especially used ones at whatever Blockbusters we have left (La Verne and Montclair are now both closed, Upland is the last around here). It's always nice to pour a glass of wine, look at my collection, slip in a DVD, dim the lights and hit the surround sound on a lazy Friday night.

Do you remember how we have to see the non-skipping FBI warning with every movie? Well, it's about to get longer and more tedious for new DVDs. Welcome the new obnoxious anti-piracy warnings. Just more bullshit to have to sit through. It's ridiculous and stupid, even if I'm used to the old FBI warning.

Here's what really pisses me off, IT IS PRETTY MUCH NON-EXISTENT in downloadable movies!!! That's where I'd stick the ad, since it is already DIGITAL CONTENT! Are they trying to kill the DVD industry, which is already slowly dying? Simply stupid.

I support and enjoy DVDs/Blu-Ray movies, even though people are just simply doing the NETFLIX thing. The DVD industry is a gigantic employer of many companies and people who go through the whole process of designing, creating and packaging the whole thing for you to have at home. One thing I am happy about, is many big movie companies like Sony are limiting to what NetFlix can have in their inventory, thus, keeping it exclusive to DVD/Blu-Ray, even if for a bit. They know how much money is made through the physical product. Alot of regular NetFlix subscribers I know are telling me this.

That's a good thing. Now if this same industry can reasonably price new releases, it should be a good thing, even if for only a little longer. I am the last generation of people who like to 'collect' stuff. The 20-something and under are all just about fully digitial idiots. I am a semi-digital idiot, that nostalgic feel keeps me collecting!

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  1. "Harms the economy"? What is that supposed to mean? You are so right, if people are actually buying a DVD, they aren't going to make a copy of it for someone else, they're getting it to enjoy a very high quality edition of the film they love, with lots of wonderful extras. If someone else wants to simply watch a movie, seriously -- they’ll go to the internet, rent a physical copy or watch it through an online service. The "content" is so highly available that economically, the film itself is pretty much worthless in and of itself. I purchase DVDs too, simply because the quality, extras, and ability to watch it over and over at the high quality is so wonderful.

    Yeah, and there is something wonderful about reading the physical book, flipping through the physical pages of a comic book, looking through my physical DVD collection, and choosing a favorite movie to watch, slipping it into the player and away I go, rather than having them all convoluted into some nebulous electronic abstraction in some "cloud." Pleeease. DVD piracy is obsolesced!