Friday, March 1, 2013

February Who?

Good day all 2 of you out there! Looks like I took my Bday month completely off from blogging this year. So many things going on this month it's been crazy. I've been meaning to post so many things, but that's as far as I got. I guess bloggers are not supposed to have a life, but I guess I do.

Another thing is my desktop's hard drive took a dive and I lost alot of data. Yes, I have laptops as well, but I dislike blogging from them, I prefer my desk throne. In the midst of that ol' crumbling dinosaur machine, I've just purchased a new desktop and am beginning to set it up. I am in the process of getting the latest Photoshop and other utilities. Anywas, I'll try and post a bit more, this month, as I did get a few pics of things around town...

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  1. moRR/LORDS best C64 (NTSC) Artist of the 80s/Early 90s(?)

    Never forgotten.