Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Stores For N.E. Pomonans & So. Claremonters?

I just heard news from my neighbors at Claremont Insider about some new stores coming our way (at least sources told them).

Yes, those of us here in Northeast Pomona along with the folks in Claremont south of Arrow, know what it's like to go shopping. We have to take a drive down Foothill somewhere or perhaps go to Montclair or Upland to get what we need. Sure, there are some cute specialty shops in the area, but for the major things we all need, we have nothing nearby like others.

Well, the little corner of Indian Hill & Arrow, where it is famously known for it's Veteran anti-war protests on Friday afternoon, is gonna get some new name brand stores. The Peppertree Center currently does have CVS, but it is also lacks appeal for anything. The little market there has been closed forever. The other shops, I could care less for, unless you like hookahs (LOL).

I am extremely excited that Fresh & Easy will be making it's way there! Woohoo! You got a customer for life here, I love that place. And also, a Walgreens, which to me isn't that big a deal, there's already a CVS. Did Walgreen's buy CVS? Or maybe CVS sold, whatever, doesn't matter, it's still good news.

They also mention another possibility for something called 'Cheese Cave'. I have no clue what this is. Perhaps a Wine/Cheese place? Or maybe an Italian restaurant? The location for this 'Cheese Cave' is not known, perhaps the Village as Claremont Insider suggests.

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