Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine Hiatus

A very long 4 day weekend just passed me and no time for blogging. I am the blogger's anti-blogger, truly. I had a conversation recently with a fellow blogger at the kick ass Pomona ArtWalk on Saturday and I had mentioned that I am not the typical blogger stereotype. I am social and always out and about with friends, doing things and partying. I've always considered most bloggers the nerdy hermit stay-in-my-room type. This used to be somewhat true many years back, but not necessarily nowadays. Regular Joes do blog, and regular Janes as well. Not to mention tons of unemployed intellects and those who are frustrated by the lack of jobs. The blogosphere is too huge to give it that stereotype now. I think I lost my point to the post, but probably something along the lines of 'I do lots of other things that make me too lazy to turn the computer on and rant/post' on my blog.

Anyways, all 2 of you, thanks for checking in... you didn't have to. Really. There are more important things to do, like making sure the toilet paper isn't down to cardboard in the bathroom.

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