Sunday, August 1, 2010

21 Choices In Claremont Robbed

I have visited this 'newer' yogurt place up the street many times with the kids and we love it. My daughter is especially fond of the 'make your own' yogurt frenzy. I was very saddened and pissed off to hear that it had recently been robbed late at night. To help spread the news, here is the cut and paste of the Claremont Now Daily Bulletin Blog:

Armed robbers tied up two Claremont yogurt shop employees after stealing money from the business late Sunday.

Police said the robbers approached one of the employees of 21 Choices at 11:49 p.m. when he walked out of store to dump the trash, said Claremont police Lt. Mike Ciszek. The business at 817 W. Foothill Blvd. was closed at the time.

One of the men, who was armed with a handgun, ordered the employee to lie on the ground. The other man entered the store and confronted another employee who was counting money.

That robber had the employee put all the cash in a tip jar and then took the employee to the bathroom. The robber tied the employee's hands. The other employee was also placed in the bathroom and his hands were tied behind his back, Ciszek said.

One of the robbers is black, 40 to 45-years-old, 5-feet-7 inches tall, 200 pounds and has short black hair. He wore a white baseball hat, a light blue button-up shirt and a black tie with red dots. He wore blue jeans and thick-framed reading glasses. The second robbers is a thin, black man in his 20s. He is more than 6-feet-tall and wore a baggy white T-shirt, dark jeans and brown hiking boots.

Anyone with information may call Claremont police at 909-399-5411.

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  1. Yowsers. So sad.

    Berry Good in Pomona still gets our yogurt biz, though the joint isn't as shiny as it was a couple years ago. On Mission by the BOA.