Thursday, August 12, 2010

Firestone's PALE... A True Cali Pale Ale!

Oh what a lovely summer we have been blessed with! I'm sure at a cost due to our planet's weather mess. Regardless, this whole summer has felt like Spring for the first time since I can remember. And what better way than to enjoy it than with a very delicious brew from Firestone. Here is their California Pale Ale.

I've sampled this brew quite a few times this year but have not written about it. First time I picked it up was at a Ralphs market, I think in Pasadena. They had it on sale for $7.99, which is an excellent price. I just picked up another six pack over at Albertsons in Montclair, or is it Ontario over there near Mountain south of the 10. Anywhoo... Here is what I thought of it.

Delicious, it actually has flavors you can taste, but they dont overpower you and therefore create a smooth drink. Almost like a typical Amber Lager's smoothness, but you can taste what makes it a Pale Ale. This is definitely a quality beer that goes well with all. The wife had some and she just loves this one! She confirmed my experience, because she had her first one on her own and came up to me and said, "whoa, this is a good beer!".

Ratings, LOL, okay, definitely a 4+ out of 5. Maybe a 4.25, Im not sure, but near a 5 for a Pale Ale for sure. I still find Drifter Pale as one of the best in this style, but you cannot go wrong with Firestone's California Pale Ale. Look for it at better markets such as Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons and Pavilions, especially if it's for sale.

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