Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Corporatocracy Now

I am completely aware of this happening, and hope others who are not can see. I'm in the political mood this morning, having some delicious YumYum coffee!

Great job by Bernie Sanders once again, one of the very few Senators with balls. Wake up people, stop the us and them stuff with Republicans and Democrats, Bad guy and Good guys, this is a war on all of us by corporations and the richest 1%. And stop supporting their agenda because you think one day you'd be like them, trust me, they don't want you.

"One of the real senators, talking about the corporatocracy. Major corporations not only do not pay taxes but get huge tax refunds as they outsource jobs and pollution... Also remarks on the lies about Social security." - T. Stubbs

And despite the outcry of them needing tax breaks to 'create' jobs, we all know it's bullshit and they're stockpiling as much money as they can. It's such a shame our country allows this. Oh, yeah, but it's the free market!

Check out some of the latest headlines brought to you by our beloved GOP overlords:

The War On Child Labor Laws: Maine Republicans Want Longer Hours, Lower Pay For Kids (Don't say “cheap, plentiful source of labor” like it’s a bad thing).

Pell Grants Are Becoming 'The Welfare Of The 21st Century' (I assume ONLY the children of the wealthy should get a college education).

GOP Senator says ship the mentally ill to Siberia to freeze and die (Besides, we're overly populated anyways).

GOP Lawmakers Reject Measures Reaffirming Global Warming Science (Just 'cause scientists believe it and evidence supports it).

House Republicans propose deep cuts to Medicare (GOP's budget proposal gets rid of Medicare and Medicaid but preserves tax cuts for the wealthy and leaves the defense budget untouched).

Cannibalism in America, the Super Rich are eating America, by a fellow blogger (How much is enough? If ya have to ask, you don't have enough).

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  1. Absolutely hilarious. We can just sit back and relax, we don't have to do a thing! --- cause the gov't will simply shut itself down, even the local gov't, then we can return to homeschooling, defending ourselves and making peace with each other instead of looking to police, courts and prisons, and, as well, we'll be giving aid to each other instead of the gov't providing social security.

    And why not more money into foreign wars? lol! Let them run the gov't into the ground!!!!!!! lol! Once they do that, there won't be any gov't welfare left for the corporations anyway. The state budget is also teetering on collapse. It's just a matter of time.

    ---- All as the population pops their anti-depressants, sipping on their aspartame diet sodas, and keeps drinking the fluoride.

    Everything's gonna turn out the very best and most wonderful that it ever could.