Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Garden Painting

Well folks, I've completed a secret little art project I started earlier this month. It is an outdoor garden painting, that I like to call: Pomona Orange.

The image is from an old orange crate label created for North Pomona's Seth Richard Groves, in particular the one used for the Foothill brand. This lady is also used by the Piedmont Brand, but in that particular label she is more detailed in the painting (thus harder and more time consuming).

I have no clue who she is, but I see it as the Goddess of Fruit holding oranges with the view of the valley and foothills.

a close up of POMONA ORANGE:

and here it is at a distance:

I am constantly asked if I'm available for hire and the answer is yes. I am trying to put together a simple affordable price including all materials, but it is not yet finalized. I prefer to do stuff that is historic to the location of the home, this making it more valuable and ties it down to its roots literally. I'm not ready for any giant murals yet, but small little garden corners, in shade preferable, are the perfect little corners for me.

I used very basic acrylics, nothing fancy. It was a little difficult to paint over stucco with little brushes, as if I was painting over little glued pebbles. The round border is actual small stone tiles from the hardware store. Just to give it a more formal, yet informal look. And it sits right under an orange tree!

Anyways, until then, I think I have one more garden art project to do and will post it up when finished.

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