Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st In & Out Burger GONE!

(Original In & Out on Francisquito & Garvey)

The original and first In & Out Burger of Baldwin Park, CA is no more. Thanks in part to the expansion of the 10 freeway. Several years earlier, the In & Out University was also torn down on the opposite side of the freeway, in order to bring a newer In & Out with indoor dining, as well as a company store.

You would think the city would preserve this, but I don't know if they had a choice with the freeway (looks like it could've stayed). Here are some photos of the site:

(Photos by A. Belt)

UPDATE: Click Here for latest SGV Tribune Article.

I knew it, I remember in 2004 when the city council was told it would be preserved as a museum. One of the last family founders passed away in 2006, and now they sneak the destruction of this monument under the city's nose. These new people running with greed are quickly destroying the chain. They are expanding all over Utah and Texas now, with 11 stores planned to be built within the year. No more of the 'I can't wait to go to California, I WANT AN IN-N-OUT BURGER!'.


  1. Well I hope they at least keep the signs.

  2. I read in the Times that the city council didn't even know a demo permit had been applied for. At least in Pomona we have a historic ordinance where there is a review before historic buildings are demo'd. That is unless you're Fairplex (snarky comment).

    I've just posted on M-M-M-My Pomona on the Charter Review and ethics. Something that seems to be lacking in a lot of cities (and if there were some in BP, maybe the In-N-Out would still be there).

  3. Good point JC and let us not forget Western U for tearing down one of our historic buildings still like to know what happened to the bricks S.O.B's.