Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Claremont ArtWalk, Pomona ArtWalk

This past Friday we happen to head out for our usual Friday night dinner in the area. Little did I know that it was Claremont's First Friday ArtWalk! They had belly dancers and lots of people in the Packing House area. We bought jewelery and checked out some very cool artwork. It's a darn shame we didnt pack a camera. I will be prepared now for Claremont's next ArtWalk for sure. I had no idea it was that day, but we had a great time! We ended up eating over the old village side, but even the old town was pretty lively. Of course, nearing 8pm'ish, the whole place slowly dies as usual. A shame, but nevertheless a great late afternoon and evening hang out.

Of course, you all know what happens this Saturday, the Second Saturday of the month, right??? YUP! Pomona's ArtWalk is here! I will be there as usual and hope to see many of you there. You can find me at the DBA for most of the night...

and Ren, I shall stop by the Bunny Gunner for my gift!

It's been one heck of a weekend and week, damn Lakers. I can't even find time to get to my blog (and the fact that I lack internet access at work doesn't help either).


  1. So will you participating in the Pomona city-wide beautification on Saturday as well? It should be a full day with volunteers doing cleanup projects around the city from 8:00 am to noon, then heading over to the Fairplex for a barbeque, then ending up the day at 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

    I'm tired just thinking about it.

    Pomona Heritage will have a crew over at the Palomares Adobe on Arrow at Orange Grove, pulling weeds. Please feel free to join us. We'll be starting about 8:30, but you can join us any time until noon.

    Not that I've gotten my plug in, there are MANY other organizations around town doing similar clean-up work in all areas of the city. It's a good way to show your civic pride.

    And, YES, I'll probably be at DBA for a glass or two that night myself.

  2. well, as long as its not another 90+ degree day perhaps... that sounds like something fun to do, but with cooler weather.

  3. Agreed, cooler would be better. But if you haven't been to the Adobe, there is a lot of nice shade on the property and I'm sure you would work in an area that would not be too uncomfortable. At least for an hour or two.