Thursday, May 21, 2009

Echo Park Laker Mania House

One of the many local L.A. blogs that I follow, The Eastsider LA, has a cool picture of a little bungalow house in Echo Park with a little LAKERS theme trim going on...

Very nice and cleanly done!

You can see a bigger picture by Clicking Here!


  1. Get rid of it it's an eye sore for the neighborhood!! Get a life, I mean wife!

  2. LOL, Hopefully it's temporary and only for the playoff season.

  3. clearly you inherited this house. anyone who bought their own house would have too much respect for it and the neighborhood to do this to it.

  4. You guys are boring. It's HIS home. He can do what he pleases. Nice to see someone who is true to thyself, instead of painting the trim a bland color to please people he doesn't even know!