Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Buys Google & Yahoo Search Words

I read over at the that:

"In their most tenacious effort to control the ‘spin’ on the worst oil spill disaster in the history, BP has purchased top internet search engine words so they can re-direct people away from real news on the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

Yes, their buying up search words relating to oil spills etc. Don't believe me? Go to google and type the words "oil spill".

Check out the TOP sponsored link.

The article I mention above goes on to say:

"BP can spend millions on advertising campaigns, and they can try to misdirect people on the internet. But no matter how hard BP tries or how much money they spend on public relations, they will never be able to hide the apocalypse unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. You just can’t buy or smile your way out of a multi-billion gallon oil spill disaster."

You got that right...

Again, you can read the article HERE @ EXAMINER.COM

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