Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grand Opening of the 'SKY FOX' Lounge, This Friday

Yes, a shameless plug here for a good friend. He has worked hard to get this place up and running, and now it's finally here. The Grand Opening of the Sky Fox in Pomona, will take place this Friday, June 4th 2010.

this directly from the facebook event page:

"Come out to the much anticipated grand opening of the Sky Fox Lounge! If you are looking to party with beautiful people this brand new venue located on the 4th story of the fox theater complex with stunning views of the San Gabriel valley, this is the place for you. Come party in style!"

Here's the 'flyer' for the event:

Dress to impress and see you there!


  1. What is the cover charge for tonite?

  2. John Pena? LOL didnt he just run another club into the ground. I give this place 6 months!

  3. love this club!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg had the best time ever...do try! :)

  4. pretty ghetto..there's a hell of a lot better out there so good luck with this one.

  5. wats da dress code?