Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bye Bye Blogs

Every so often, some blogs will tend to 'die'. Stuff happens in life and therefore, the blogging seems to never continue. It is with deep regret that I must remove the following blogs from my links (sounds like an obituary I know):

Raw Pomona: I've removed them a while back, but it's still been 10 months since the last post.

Student in Pomona: Going on 9 months without a post, perhaps there is a child to be born now? I hear Anduhrew is poised to make a come back, and if so, will re-link.

Recentering El Pueblo: One of my favorite urbanist/real estate blogs in Los Angeles. 7 months of no activity but I still find myself going back to the archives.

Oh Pomona!: At one time, seemed to have died in December of 2009, but in May of 2010, made a rare comeback. And that's where it stood, 1/2 a year later no posting either.


  1. Student in Pomona here, just posted on some of what I've been up to. It doesn't look like i'll be making any major progress on the blog any time soon. I have a lot to blog about, but If i do come back It likely won't be as "Student in Pomona" so I'll keep you posted with a possible new domain name if it occurs.

  2. Raw Pomona moved to Denver, so perhaps you can find her at Raw Denver now. I too was suprised by the absence of posts by my old neighbor at Recentering. Just because he was at it so regular for such a long time.

    Oh Pomona probably has access issues since being displaced by the fire.

    btw, It was nice NOT to be mentioned in a "whatever happened to?" post, as if reading one's own obituary.

    Glad to see that Anduhrew is still around. Apparently a water buffalo has been eating his homework.

    G of P