Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mirror Pond Pale Ale

I had a little extra money the other day and said to myself, "it's time for some decent brew drinking at home once again". The economy has taken a toll on the common purchase of great microbrews, and therefore found myself mostly buying lame domestic swill to fill the fridge. You can only make so many 'micheladas' until you're completely sick of them.

I decided to roll the dice on where to purchase, something nearby North Pomona, since my daughter has cheer practice up there for the Claremont Wolfpack. I stopped at the Albertsons on Foothill and Garey. I crossed my fingers and hoped there would be something decent in six packs. I must say, this Albertsons still has it! They had several varieties of Stone and also Dogfish Head, and many more! This time I wanted to try the Mirror Pond Pale Ale made by Deschutes Brewery of Bend, Oregon.

Pale Ale as I have mentioned in the past, is my favorite style of beer. I couldn't resist the purchase. I also picked up a six pack of Sam Adams Latitude 48 degree IPA, I love to chase a Pale Ale with an IPA and once again return to the Pale Ale.

Here I am, watching the rise of the 3rd Reich on History Channel. I pour into a tall cold glass the brew of Mirror Pond. It starts off a little stronger than I had anticipated (the beer). It is much hoppier and seems a little more on the bitter side. It also has a slight malty taste to it. Hmmm, with so much hop I expected it to stay, but it goes a little flat towards the end. Nevertheless, a pretty tasty, slightly floral smelling pale ale. Decent and I would recommend this to anyone. I give it a 3.85 out of 5, not quite a 4 because of the extra hoppiness which is generally good, but the bitterness takes a bit of that out.

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