Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How About A Bamboo Keyboard/Mouse?

This looks kinda cool, but if I were a daily heavy computer user, I don't think this is what I would want. One of it's specialties is the ability to absorb sweat. Yuck...

"a unique product that evokes in the users a deep feeling of peace, calm and tranquility."

Chinavasion All Natural Full Bamboo Keyboard And Mouse Combo

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  1. Totally cool! If I had a desktop computer I used more, I might get one. And when it's had it's day, you can pop out the electronic parts and maybe burn it in your fireplace, chuck it in the green bin, or compost it! Most keyboards like this that I've know of though are usually built like tanks, so it'd probably be more sustainable just to pick up an old used one somewhere and clean it up with a damp cloth and some cleaner than to buy a whole new one.