Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pit Bulls

As someone who used to believe that dogs are dogs, it's the owners fault if there's a problem with their vicious dog... I've recently changed my stance due to personal experience as well as witnessing others. I have become a believer that pitbulls are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Either way, interesting article by university doctors saying that pitbulls should be regulated:

"Among the grisly statistics the study cites: Pit bulls were responsible for 65 percent of all fatal dog attacks nationally in 2008. In Texas in 2007, seven fatal attacks occurred, six involving pit bulls. Someone in the United States is killed by a pit bull every 14 days. One body part is severed and lost in pit bull attacks every 5.4 days."

Click here for the rest of the story.


  1. This information about people being killed by pit bulls every 14 days is completely false. also pit bulls are not the vicious killing machine people put them out to be! ive been around pit bulls a long time and in that time have never once had a pit bull even so much as snarl at me.. now tell me how the same dog that is so playful and loving can be the vicious killer you people believe them to be.. honestly i believe that if people treated them right they would not be aggresive at all and most are only agressive because they are simply protecting either thier territory, or their owner. it is however not the pit bulls fault it was bread to fight and its also not the pit bulls fault they are beat to a pulp, burned alive, dragged by vehicles.. etc. ITS THE HUMAN THAT DOES THESE THINGS TO THE DOG!! and yet the pit bull still comes back and is guilty of nothing but courage love and try.. these dogs will go to hell and back and be the sweetest thing you ever met and people that dont like them and believe them to be vicious killing machines, and the people who fight them are the reason the AMERICAN pit bull terrier is dwindling away!! if you have any questions or complaints about what i have said email me at the email adress below.. i will be glad to talk!

  2. I was one who thought like you exactly... I grew up in L.A. and played with pit bulls my whole life. I remember when there would be a loose one we'd all be terrified. Once a large one chased me and a friend and I jumped on top of a car. And most were tied or locked up in a yard anyways. I would also walk them with my friends, it was the 'cool' thing to do.

    Until recently, when I myself experienced an attack at a pooch park from a loving pitbull on my tiny little dog who the owner said would never and has never done this and is very loving. My cousin's dog was also disfigured by another 'loving & family friendly' pitbull in Norwalk. Not to mention a friend's neighbor in El Sereno's who neighbors kid was also viciously attacked.

    Again, its either one or the other for many.

    I think they can be loving dogs as well, but they need to kept with their loving owners at all times, just because they might not know the difference when they snap. It's sad that they have been bred for fighting historically, because I do believe at one time they were just another terrier.

    I used to always argue with people who were against pitbulls, most of my life like you. I am not against them either, just that extra caution should be taken with public and other people/dogs.

    I was just reposting an interesting study on the subject.

  3. Umm, just to add to my point... this just happened up the street today in La Verne:


  4. Oh, add another PitBull attack a few weeks ago on my neighbor walking her dog here in Pomona. Almost killed the dog. The pitbull got loose and the owner of it said the same thing, 'but my dog has never attacked another dog'. $3000 in vet bills baby.

  5. This is complete BS. I own two pitbulls. They are the sweetest and most loving animals I have ever had the pleasure to own. Yes, they are protective, but isn't that what a dog is for? People are responsible for how their dogs act towards others. Not all pits have such bad behavior. If any of you people who think they're so bad would just give them a shot, you would see how loving and loyal these dogs are. People are afraid of what they don't know. And to be honest, dogs get into fights with each other, that's what they do. They're just being dogs you jack ass. It is in their nature to protect theirselves, their properties and the people they love. So stop all of your yammering about how people always say that their dogs haven't done it before. You know damn well when you're an owner of more than one dog that they get into their little moods and be ill just like ANY HUMAN does. So if you don't like dogs and their natural behaviors then how about you stop talking about them and stop getting near them. It's your own fault that you don't understand that dogs are the same as humans. How many people are brutally murdered by other humans every day? How many people attack and rob and shoot and beat other people every single day?

    HINT HINT: It's not only pitbulls that cause death. More humans cause death than any dog could. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking so badly about one single bread of dog. And Don't forget about how you act when someone pisses you off. Same thing. Stupid mother fucker

  6. did you read my closing comment?:

    "I used to always argue with people who were against pitbulls, most of my life like you. I am not against them either, just that extra caution should be taken with public and other people/dogs."

    Same would apply to a Rottweiler etc. But you dont see Rottweilers all over the place as much as pitbulls. It's sad but alot of the owners end up abandoning them. Especially in poorer areas.

    And I agree, HUMANS are the worst breed. You got that right... I hear it's like 1 and half million gun deaths in the USA alone since 1980. Not including stabbing murders, wars etc.

    and like you said:

    "People are responsible for how their dogs act towards others. Not all pits have such bad behavior."

    Agreed. Thats my point.

    And I was pointing to a university study, so click over there and rant. I didn't 'TALK SO BADLY ABOUT PITBULLS' as you mention, all I said is 'I believe they can be a ticking time bomb ready to explode.' then I linked to the university study which goes in depth.

    I responded to someone in comments on my personal experience.

    But they can be cool dogs, it is the owner who has to take the little extra step and responsibity of these dogs to make sure their dog stays cool and loving.

    I blame the owners first, and just in the news in the last FIVE days, yes 5 days! since we're on the topic:

  7. You people are making me cry and now i want to kill all of you the talk crap about pitbulls. PS. Im 11 years old and thanks for ruining my day.

  8. This article is false by the first sentence because you train them or tease them and that is why they get up on you and attacks you OK so I have a pit bull and he has ran in two a pole I have a 9month old sister and do you think if I new that dog would hurt her we would have her so that is very untrue they are very loving after they get renited with someone they will not leave there side and if they do the sometimes will die because of depression so I am a pit bull lover and who ever says no pittbull and they can kill you that is a lie