Monday, June 20, 2011

Around The Blue Garden

Oh boy, how could I miss this? I've done so much gardening the last 2 months and I've neglected to post some pics! Well, these images are about a month and a half old. Right at the peak of Spring (which it still feels like it). I am very much enjoying this wonderful gloom in June, I love cool cloudy weather. I do not mind the sun as much, just when it gets into the 90s and so on...

I've done a little cleaning around the garden, front and back. Not to mention we've just finished eating the last of our citrus fruit from my mandarin and sevilla trees! The plums are in and we are about done eating them as well. We also have a year round Lemon, so that one is doing fine, we've given away so many.

These following pictures are of some amazing blues around the ol'Skrip Garden. I know, for some they are called Purples, but let's call it a bluish and purplish combination theme.

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