Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Insanity By Our GOP Leaders...

I am amazed at the insanity of our GOP Leaders nowadays, and I'm not talking about moral values, gay relationships, adultery, pregnancies, photos etc... I'm talking about policies and things they spew and support. As a moderate, I wish for the day when the GOP will have Lincolnian-type of Republicans, because these useless thugs in power now are killing our country! Ever since the Newt Gingrich led butchering of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, it's been ugly. It's too bad most Americans don't take the time to actually think and look at facts. Oh well, I caught these few headlines today and found them crazy... at least enough to support my point.

GOP Congressman suggests to chop down all the rainforests to prevent climate change

Rep. Allen West suggests U.S. can’t leave Afghanistan because Americans are dying there

GOP Congressman demands TSA to racially profile passengers

Yes, Americans do love their socialized medicine after all. And that has put the GOP in a hole.

Gay Republicans: Our mission is to oust Obama

Rep. Walsh: Obama Was Only Elected Because He’s An ‘Articulate’ ‘Black Man’.

Introducing the GOP Green Jobs Plan: Repackaging & Rebranding old ideas that didn’t do well in their original form.

In other words, the GOP has a plan to make matters much worse.

And while we're celebrating the wonderful BUSH TAX CUTS of the past 10 years, here's some reading:

10 Years of the Bush Tax Cuts by Think Progress

Bush Tax Cuts: “Celebrating” Ten Years Of Fiscal Insanity

The Bush Tax Cuts: Ten Years Later

And no I am no 'lefty' and neither a 'righty', I'm a 'tweener', the one ya love to hate. Sometimes you need a little of this for that, and a lot of that for this. Balance, it makes the world a better place. But this is just plain craziness.

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