Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pomona's Winning

No, Charlie Sheen isn't coming to town.

The OC Art Blog has just written this article on Pomona's Art Walk being better than Santa Ana's. I've been saying it all along, Pomona's Art Walk is one of the most unique Art Walks in California, that happens to come around every month!

"The Pomona Arts Colony, on the other hand, was started by artists. Living in this area because of the affordable rent, a group of artists banded together and decided to create a monthly art walk to drum up business for the community and the artists within. From a derelict and dangerous neighborhood, this area has bounced back with a fury, boasting numerous galleries, music venues, restaurants and bars, and shops of all sorts."

And while we're at it, this
Saturday June 18th is the Pomona Valley family Juneteenth Jazz & Art Festival:

You can find out more info @ Juneteenth America.

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