Friday, April 3, 2009

Going Postal Today

I've noticed that it seems to be 'tradition' with many blogs to post only ONE POST/SUBJECT per day, if you even post daily. Very few blogs post perhaps about 3 or 4 posts on the same day. Naturally, this is fine, as there is no rule set in stone, and if there was, I wouldn't care.

My point is that at times I catch myself posting 2 or 3 items in that one day and wonder, "Are people even looking past the latest post for the day?" Am I wasting a post or two away that I could probably save for another day? Maybe, or maybe not... 'wasting' is too harsh of a word, since I'm wasting time and other things doing this anyways. Perhaps I am thinking about this too much... yeah that's it.

Well, I'll see it this way: If I post 4 topics on that one day, then that's what I felt like mumbling about to the internet world THAT day. If I post one or none, oh well.

So there... I'm not being paid for this, I have no commitment or contract, and I'll stick to what I originally intended to blog about, "Thought Farts". And while I'm at it, I also try to be a good community member. It doesn't hurt.

And no, that's not me in the picture!


  1. actually since i "subscribe" blogs it shows what blogs post what in order of the posting. so when a some blogs post a LOT in one day it sort of fills up that space and it's hard to see what the other blogs are doing. when that happens with certain blogs i end up unsubscribing so that i can see the other blogs activities. and since i unsubscribe i then usually end up never returning.

    but that's just me. but you don't seem to do it too much so i'm still subscribed

  2. I love that you post often. It gives me plenty to look forward to. Too many of our local blogs post infrequently, which means I don't get that many opportunities to respond.

    I am, afterall, an egotist who loves to see my name in print.