Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plant A Tree.. Inside Yourself

This is definitely one of those 'weird' news item. Guy goes into hospital thinking he has a tumor and... well, the picture is a little too gross to post (I hadn't had dinner yet):

Doctors x-rayed his chest and found a tumor in one of the lungs. Suspecting cancer, they made a decision to perform biopsy, but when they cut the tissue, they were amazed to see green needles in the cut.

“I blinked three times, and thought I was seeing things. Then I called the assistant to have a look,” says Vladimir Kamashev, doctor at the Udmurtian Cancer Center.

The five-centimeter branch was removed from the patient’s body.

“They told me my coughing blood was not caused by any disease,” Sidorkin says.

“It was the needles poking the capillaries. It really hurt a lot. But I never felt like I had an alien object inside of me.”

The article with picture can be found HERE.

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