Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Little Bangladesh in Koreatown?

I ran across an article on by Amy Taxin regarding the possibility of a new "Little Bangladesh" section to the famous "Koreatown" in Los Angeles. Apparently, it seems some people are not too happy about this:

"The proposal has shocked and angered Korean-American leaders who have worked for years to turn Koreatown into a Southern California cultural destination. "There is a pride in calling this Koreatown," said Chang Lee, chairman of the Korean-American Federation of Los Angeles. "The residents and businesspeople, when they heard the news, they were appalled."

But there is also another view such as the one from Han Dong-yeop, a Korean sushi chef:

"Why not?" he said. "We live together anyway."

It looks like it might happen, but the location and size is still being debated:

"As first proposed last year, the district would have cut a half-mile swath through the heart of the nation's largest Korean enclave, a bustling area of Buddhist temples, restaurants and businesses a few miles west of downtown.

Since then, both sides have agreed to create Little Bangladesh on the fringe of Koreatown instead of within its core. But the actual boundaries are still being debated, and a final agreement has yet to be reached."

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  1. Why the hell would we lower the real estate value of that piece of land by renaming it after a people with a bad reputation? Bangladeshis, unlike Indiands, Pakistanis or even Sri Lankans are not high achievers and have bad taste. Their kids are "gangsta" types and they do things like hang clothes in front of their balconies. Koreatown is a cool place. Not "Santa Monica" cool or "Venice" cool, but cool in its own way. "Little Bangladesh"? Come on... If that happens, all the Koreans backed up by the Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos and Vietnamese will be up in arms and rally together to stop this stupidity.

  2. LMAO. I almost spit my soda onto my laptop! Great Comment!