Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Job, Slow Blog

Damn, for a 1/2 a second I thought the title here would rhyme. Oh well...

Yes, it's been a hectic first week of training in beautiful Western Downtown L.A., beautiful of course if you're looking up at the skyscrapers and upscale condos that is. Training week consists of working during Southern California's worst time slot, 8am to 5pm! It is Spring Break for many private and some public schools this week, so traffic is a bit better. It takes me approximately 50 minutes to an hour every morning to get there from this edge of Pomona (which is tolerable). I do leave a bit early and arrive early enough to park and go out for breakfast before time starts.

But coming back, Dear God, add another 1/2 to a full hour to the morning time, yikes. I've made it clear that I won't work these hours starting next week. They said they'll work with me. Good, cuz im working 6am til 3pm, or even til 2:30pm, thats it, if not, then bye bye... yeah economy sucks and it's tough, but I will go insane if I keep this up at this rate.

There's a guy who commutes from nearby Covina, has those hours and he says its about 45 minutes each way. That, I can live with. I mean, I go to many Lakers games during the season, and I'm there in about 30 minutes everytime when I leave at 6:30pm.

Why does all the money have to be in Downtown L.A., Century City and the Westside? Which also can include Pasadena, but I love working in Pasadena more than DTLA.

I think I'll soon take a pay cut and do something between the San Gabriel Valley and West of San Bernardino instead. Sheesh...


  1. Hi Skrip,

    What about the train? Are you near any of the stations?

  2. Maybe once the gold line is done you can take that!

  3. I teach at the Fashion Institute downtown and take the train and subway. It's not as fast as driving on a good day, but it's not as slow as your trip home (when I do drive, I face the same scenario).

    The real advantage to to the train/subway situation is that you can read, snooze, or WORK while you're on the train. AND on the Metrolink you can eat and drink (don't try that on the subway), so you can have your breakfast while watching the world go past you. From where you live I'd check out the schedule from Claremont, and there's also the advantage that you'd be right there when you get off the train.

    I use North Pomona station which has absolutely nothing to offer.

    Congratulations on the new job.